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The Heart of Pax Christi Michigan is our Local Groups! 


Pax Christi advocates the small group method of peacemaking based on our foundation of Prayer/Study/Action


Through Prayer, we open ourselves to the movement of the Spirit in their lives and in the world.


By Studying issues of local, national, and international concern, Pax Christi groups discern the signs of the times. Through action, we demonstrate the "Kin-dom of God" and articulate a vision of peace and justice that challenges social, religious, and political structures. 


Direct Action is any public act done for the purpose of influencing public policy and/or articulating or challenging social, religious, and political values. From their discernment of the signs of the times. Pax Christi groups initiate action—as a community—in a concrete effort to affect change.


Community becomes an indispensable source of support for those engaged in actions for social justice and peace. The many communities of Pax Christi USA, acting together, make up our national movement. 


To find a Local Group near you, CLICK HERE

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