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Pax Christi Michigan works to bring about peace locally, nationally, and globally through prayer, study, and action.  We are rooted in spirituality, dedicated to studying issues of justice from the vantage point of all those involved, and espouse working for peace with justice through nonviolent conflict transformation.  We invite you to learn more about "Pax Christi".

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Tell Me


Tell me;

what is national security

     to a family hounded by debt collectors

        because they cannot pay their medical bills;

     or to an elderly woman who is afraid to go to a doctor

        because she knows she cannot afford it;

     or to the diabetic on insulin who must skip injections

        until he gets his next paycheck?


Please tell me;

what is national security

     to the mother facing a 30-day late rent notice taped to her front door;

     who feels the walls closing in around her;

     whose shrinking horizon is limited to surviving the day,

        as she scrambles to find food for her children’s next meal?


Can anyone tell me;

what is national security

     to a child experiencing homelessness who is forced to go to school in dirty clothes,

        who is teased because she smells,

        and never has the required school supplies;

     or to the LGBTQ+ child who gets shoved into lockers;

        is verbally assaulted by other students

       and whose complaints are dismissed because he is “so open about it”?


Won’t someone please tell me;

what is national security

     to a child hiding under his school desk during an active-shooter drill;

     or to a family who never look out their front window

         for fear of being killed by a stray bullet;

     or to a young black man pulled over by the police

         who wonders, “Is this how I am going to die?”

Bread Not Stones Prayer


God of Liberation from all our foreboding;

Our children ask for bread but are fed the poison of fear.

We put guns in their hands and tell them;

this is the way to safety, power, respect, and salvation.


We give lip service to your call to love without cost

and to show compassion without distinctions;

but we are quick to abandon your teachings

  when we are told to fear and despise those who are not like us.


We have abandoned your promise of abundant life

in exchange for the promise of longevity through overwhelming firepower.


Give us the wisdom to embrace the things that make for peace.

Help us to understand that we live in a world of endless wonder

that needs to be cared for and treasured.


Help us to see that we live in a world of bounty

that belongs to the whole human family,

without excluding or favoring anyone;

from each, according to their ability.

and to each, according to their needs.


Help us understand that our security lies

in the strength of our solidarity with all

– even those who are marked as enemies.


Open our eyes, hearts, and minds to the truth

that we are only safe and secure when everyone is safe and secure;

that we will be at peace only when justice rolls on like a river,

protecting the dignity of every person and embracing every creature.


Show us how to give our children the bread they need. Amen.

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The Bread Not Stones campaign is aimed at redirecting the obscene amount of money the U.S. invests in military spending to the challenges presented by the pandemic, the climate crisis, racial oppression, and economic injustice.

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Work for a Nonviolent End to the War on Ukraine

Here's what you can do:

  1. Try to understand the full breadth of the conflict from those directly involved: It is at the heart of not only prevention, but cease-fire and negotiations. You may want to start with Ukrainian Pacifist’s Message to the World: U.S., NATO & Russia Share Responsibility to Avoid War

  2. Read Pax Christi USA's Statement on Russia's Invasion of Ukraine

  3. Be judicious about where you get your information, and whether its accurate before you pass it on. Consider the points made on Win Without War

  4. Access the resource list, Resistance to War in Ukraine, compiled by the Metta Center for Nonviolence. It is kept regularly updated.

  5. Support recognized NGOs that are currently offering direct services to Ukrainians. National Public Radio offers this vetted list: Want to support the people in Ukraine? Here's how you can help

  6. Consider sending a message of support to the antiwar activists in Russia.

  7. Germany has offered to help Poland with Ukrainian refugees. Watch for ways to support these efforts, including calling on our own government to do so.

  8. Looking to act from a more spiritual foundation? See Pax Christi USA's Prayer/Study/Action page on The Ukraine Crisis

  9. Do something tangible - right now - whenever and wherever you can. There is a ripple effect to empathy, compassion, random acts of kindness, and nonviolence.

  10. Become better prepared. Take Meta Peace Team's (virtual) Violence De-escalation Skills Training.

  11. Stay on top of what's happening with news sources that support nonviolent means.  Consider these from Waging Nonviolence:

  12. And from Pace e Bene:


Never underestimate the power of prayer:

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     One of the things that sets Pax Christi apart from other peace organizations is our emphasis on the spirituality of nonviolence.  When we take time to center ourselves, be open to the voice of God whispering guidance, and maintain mindfulness in the midst of chaos, we believe we are better able to focus on what God calls us to do to find peace within our own lives, and then with our families, our neighborhoods, our country, and our world.


     We believe that part of our responsibility as non-violent peacemakers is to "know the facts".

     We encourage you to talk to people with direct experience, read accounts from all perspectives, and check out websites & links like those listed here for additional information and helpful resources

"For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also."
                             - James 2:26

We believe that we should "Walk our Talk".  Please join us as we work to put  our prayer and study into action.