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Fr. Dave's Bio:

Fr. Dave Buersmeyer grew up in Dearborn, Michigan, the middle child of five siblings.  His whole family was active in parish life, and his parents wanted all their children to benefit from a Catholic education.  Fr. Dave graduated from the University of Detroit High School (a Jesuit school).  He has a BA in Mathematics from U of M, an M.Div. from St. John’s Seminary, an M.A. in Religious Studies from the University of Detroit and an STL in Dogmatic Theology from K.U. Leuven in Belgium.  Fr. Dave has served as a priest for the Archdiocese of Detroit for well over 40 years.  This is the more “factual” background from which Fr. Dave comes from.  But to give you a feel of who he is in spirit, here is his observation of what is means to “evangelize” to others: 

“We are missionary only if we are capable of being disciples ourselves, again and again attracted to the beauty and joy (yes even in the midst of disappointment and suffering) of the gospel, a beauty and joy that is Love of God.  That is the new evangelization!  Joyful disciples who fall in love with God again and again; who find in life’s challenges and sufferings a joy of sharing more deeply in Christ’s life; who first witness to others not of their errors or our superior truth, but of a life that makes no sense to us except through faith; and who appreciate that the Spirit of God is much larger than the Church and so are very supportive of the truth-seeking journeys others are on, even if they do not at this time intersect with our beliefs.  Let’s allow the gospel to truly be good news, and our witnessing to that gospel be new, applying it to our own lives first and foremost, then humbly inviting others to see the joyful gift that the gospel is to us, even in the midst of our struggling to live it.”

Check out Fr. Dave's website at to learn more about him…Just click here:

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