On the Road to Ground the Drones

Leaving Chicago -  June 3, 2014 and  arriving in Battle Creek  - June 14, 2014


On the Road to Ground the Drones was a pro-peace, anti-drone demonstration and walk to educate the public on predator drone operations in the Lake Michigan region. Marchers walked approximately 160 miles from the Chicago headquarters of Boeing (where drone components and bomb parts are designed) to the Michigan Air National Guard Facility at Battle Creek Airport, planned site of a new command center to remotely pilot the weaponized drones flying in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and elsewhere.



The Obama administration has increasingly relied on armed predator and reaper drones in its

continuation of failed Bush-era “War on Terror” policies. In at least 1600 drone attacks in 4 countries, approximately 4,700 people have now been killed, including 4 American citizens.



This walk helped to raise awareness that these killer drones are being designed in Chicago, Illinois and are soon to be remotely piloted from the Michigan Air National Guard Base in Battle Creek.



These photos were taken at the June 14 nonviolent presence at the gates of Michigan ANGB, Battle Creek - - a two mile hike to & from the base that served as the culmination of the 160 mile walk.  There were approximately 100 people in attendence, with many accompanying 'honks' of support from the passers-by on the adjacent highway.

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